Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Horizons

It's been a long time. A long time, and so much has happened.

Dragon and I continue to grow, in directions I could have never foreseen. I've had play partners of my own, participated in dungeon scenes and pushed my own limits in new, and sometimes challenging, ways.

One of my favorite developments has been introducing my best friend Dea and her husband into the world I BDSM. It's something new we can share, and I've enjoyed watching her explore her new role as a blossoming Domme - she has even participated in one of my scenes, and it was incredibly exciting.

Dea and I have also resurrected our local Munch to unexpected success. Both months have had our reserved patio seating at a local restaurant filled to capacity. We are thrilled at becoming more prominent members of our local kink community, and providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere to those people new to the lifestyle.

With all of these new developments, I'm trying to re-dedicate myself to being an online presence and sharing my adventures. Hope there are still those that enjoy listening.


Friday, November 4, 2011

From Fantasy to Reality

I stood alone in the tiny, unfamiliar bathroom of the hotel room, breathing deep and working hard to steady my nerves. I ran my fingers through my hair and examined myself in the mirror, fidgeting, my mind spinning at a million miles an hour. It was too late to back out now.

On the other side of the door lay Dragon......and another man waiting to share the king sized with the two of us. It was what I had desired for so long, and Dragon had made it happen, pushing and petting me as needed. And here I was, stalling in the bathroom.

When we had gotten to the room, our new friend had suggested I go freshen up in the bathroom. At the time I thought it was a way to break the tension, but now I was wondering what he meant by "freshen up"? Was I supposed to be getting naked? Should I strip down to just bra and panties? Finally I gave a mental "fuck it" and with a deep breath opened the door, still fully clothed.

When I walked back into the room, I was stunned- both men were laying on opposite sides of the bed under the blankets. Obviously naked. They both gave me sheepish looks and I had to laugh. The tension broken, I stripped down quickly, then climbed over Dragon to fill the empty space in the middle of the bed.

I laid on my stomach, my face on the cool sheets, and felt hands begin to caress my back. Two mouths kissed my naked skin. I shivvered, my nerves on fire, all anxieties forgotten. I moaned softly and moved against the bed.

When I could finally form a thought again, I turned to Dragon and kissed him hungrily. Our new friend's hands worked over my ass and he kissed my shoulders. I turned and found his mouth next, tentatively at first, and then eagerly.

Eventually I was turned on to my back, still covered in hands and mouths. I writhed as every part of me was stroked and kissed. I'd never been so aroused in my entire life, and my pussy had barely been touched.

When Dragon finally put his fingers inside me, he chuckled.

"Honey, you're so wet. Look at the bed, you've made a puddle."

I looked down, and sure enough there was a dark puddle of my fluids beneath me. I could feel my face turn a little red. Before I could dwell on it any further, our third was licking my pussy and driving his fingers inside me. Dragon kissed me and I moaned against his mouth. He moved his mouth over my breasts and sucked on my nipples. The sensation of their mouths combined drove me over the edge and into my first orgasm.

Our third pulled up from my pussy.
"Can I fuck you?" his voice was low and charged "I really want to fuck you." When Dragon remained silent, I gave my consent, aching to have a cock inside me.

Feeling him enter me was electric. I hadn't had any cock inside me except Dragon's for so long, I was stunned at how different it felt. He was thick and incredibly hard, and the total experience of having a strange dick inside me made my pussy throb hard.

As he began to fuck me, I saw Dragon position himself by my head. As he lowered his cock, I took him in my mouth and he began to fuck my face.

After that, we flowed from position to position. I was on top. I was on all fours.I was sideways and upside down. Always there was a cock inside my pussy. Most of the time there was one in my mouth as well.

At one point, while I was riding our third, Dragon entered my ass. A true DP, the height of this whole fantasy. I was full of thick, hard cock, and it was amazing.

Our third came while I was riding him and Dragon came from fucking my mouth. I came so many times it was impossible to count.

When the men were spent, we lay in the bed and talked. I lay against Dragon and both men stroked my body, my skin alive with afterglow. I was drowsy and satisfied and high with the experience.

After a bit, our third's lazy caresses became more demanding. His fingers found my pussy and probed me gently. I grinned and moaned in approval.

"Dragon, I don't think she's done. I think she could go again." He laughed. "What do you say?"

I thought he was joking- but before I knew it both men were hard and working me over once again. I couldn't believe it.

At the end of our second go, I was riding our third when I felt Dragon begin to slap my ass. Hard. I didn't think I could get any more aroused, but as Dragon began to slap my ass harder and harder I felt my brain shift into a whole different gear. I screamed and came. And came again. Soon, our third was slapping my breasts. Also hard. The combination of the slaps and the hard cock inside me shook something loose in my brain.

The orgasm that I had at that moment was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It robbed me of breath. My body went still and my eyes rolled back, literally, as my pussy spasmed. The spasm took hold of my entire body and I shuddered violently. Both men stopped and let me ride it out in its entirety.

When I finally settled down, I was laid gently on the bed as Dragon examined the blossoming purple canvas that was my ass. He laid a cold cloth gently against my bruised flesh. I'd never felt so satisfied.

When it was over, I was petrified of the fallout. As the endorphins wore off, the guilt sank in. I waited for the resentment to come from Dragon. I waited vain.

Dragon gave me a gift that only he could give. He fulfilled my deepest desire for the pure pleasure of being able to be the one who gave it to me. And like a true gift, it came with no strings attached. I don't know many other men who could do that. This is how know he loves me unconditionally.

With all of our day-to-day issues and life stress, he never makes me ashamed of my needs and desires in the bedroom. Even if that means sharing.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Dead- I Promise

So, it's been a bit since my last post, and I'm feeling badly about it. I know my millions of fans miss me and my escapades dearly (thats totally sarcasm, just so you know)

For those of you do actually follow, there's been so much going on it's just been hard to sort out all of these pieces and decide what/how to share. But I promise many delicious things are just lined up waiting for me to capture them in words. It won't be long now, promise......


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fire and Ice

He moved next to me in the bathroom and placed gentle fingers under my chin, tilting my head up to him.

"I want you naked and blindfolded on the bed when I come back upstairs". His voice was low and serious and made me tingle. I nodded in agreement.

Since I didn't know how much time I had before he came back upstairs, I charged into the bedroom and stripped off my clothes, then opened the toy drawer and fished around for the blindfold. I climbed on the bed, laid flat on my stomach, put the blindfold in place, and waited.

As I continued to wait, the tension grew. I knew Dragon had been sharing ideas on Twitter with @hotelbentmoore, one of our especially devious and creative Twitter pals. I wondered what was taking him so long. I tried not to fidget.

Finally I heard him enter the room. I didn't say a word - at this point I had downshifted into a hazy state of compliance.

"Good girl" he said approvingly, and he stroked my back with warm, firm hands. I smiled and sighed contentedly.

Removing his hands from my back, I heard rustling as he handled items on the bedside table. I felt my muscles tense up remembering his earlier mention of using a hairbrush on me. I prepared myself for a blow, and I felt my muscles tense and twitch in anticipation.

Dragon placed something gently in the middle of my back and an intense heat blossomed there. I gasped in surprise and he removed it after a minute. I took a deep breath, and before I could collect myself the heat was blooming against my lower back. I squirmed a bit.

Suddenly, the heat was replaced by cold. Ice burned against my skin and I squealed in surprise. The ice traced it's way down my back and I shivered. And then the heat. And then the ice. The sensations were alternated until my brain was a total mess.

Dragon moved the play to focus on my pussy. Ice was run up and down my pussy and ass. Heat was pressed against my pussy. I moaned and squirmed. And then ice was pressed hard against my asshole. And it didn't move.

The ice began to burn against the delicate skin of my asshole. I flailed. I screamed into the mattress. He continued to press the ice against me and I prayed for it to melt quickly.

Eventually the ice was taken away and I shuddered in relief. I panted and struggled to collect myself. As I was pulling myself together, I felt the ice against my ass again. This time, he pressed is hard, inserting it halfway inside me.

I screamed to the point of sobs and flailed uncontrollably. "Yellow", our safe word for back off, hung in my mind, but I rode it out. My mind bent and twisted as the burning consumed everything.

When he finally removed it this time I collapsed against the bed, just breathing, the world still dark behind the blindfold.

"You know what that did to me?" his voice asked, hovering above me. My hands were guided to his rock hard cock, and I began to stroke him. "I love to watch you squirm" he said caressing my check

When he finally brought his mouth to mine, I felt an ice cube pressed through my lips by his tongue. Pulling away, he pushed my head down to his cock. I took him in my mouth, and worked the ice cube along his dick. He groaned loudly in pleasure, and I swirled the ice cube over the head of his cock. I continued to move my mouth and the ice cube along his cock until it melted away.

Pulling me up gently by the hair, he pressed his lips to my ear "I want to fill your pussy with ice and fuck you." I whimpered, my ass still burning from the ice.

He laid me back down, and my back was covered in alternating dripping ice and now, hot wax. The changes came so quickly now it was hard to determine hot and cold. It culminated in a deluge of wax poured onto the small of my back.

Dragon's hands moved over my back, wiping away water and wax, massaging my shoulders, caressing the now hyper-sensitive skin. I reveled in his caresses, nearly purring in pleasure. It all ended suddenly when I felt the ice pressed against my pussy.

Before I had time to register the cold burning sensation, the ice was pushed inside me. I squirmed in protest, and Dragon's hands help me to bed while his cock slid inside me.

I was overwhelmed by emotion. Relief that it was only one ice cube. Acceptance of the icy pain deep in my pussy. Pleasure at feeling Dragon's cock move inside me.Soon the pleasure took over as Dragon pounded me with his cock

"God, it's so tight!" I heard him cry out. I realized the ice must have contacted the muscles inside of my pussy, and Dragon's moans were soon drowning out my own.

When Dragon came, he pulled out of me and covered my lower back in his cum. This was a pleasant and familiar warmth and I welcomed it.

Laying on the bed, my mind continued to be hazy, and I felt myself drifting off. Dragon covered my naked body with a blanket and slid in next to me. And the rest was sweet oblivion....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Story

Since I've been having difficulty gathering my thoughts into a decent post, I will share my most recent erotic story. Please enjoy!


When he stripped off my panties, I suppressed a shiver. I had never felt so naked before in my life. As his hands began to gently caress my breasts, I stood still, resisting the urge to cover myself the best I could with my hands. Even from behind my closed lids, I could feel all the eyes heavy on my body, judging, weighing.
When he took my nipple in his mouth and it grazed it with his teeth I gasped in surprise, my pussy throbbing, the eyes forgotten. Taking advantage of the moment, his hands pressed me down until my back was against the mattress. I opened my eyes and found his, dark, warm and reassuring. His mouth came down on mine urgently, and as he leaned into me from between my legs, I could feel how excited he was. As his tongue worked over mine, his hand caressed my smooth, freshly shaved pussy. His fingers parted my pussy lips and my hips rose to meet him. I groaned against his mouth as his fingers entered me.
My body relaxed and receptive, I opened my eyes and tipped my head back. A heavyset bearded man looked down on me, and was touching himself lightly. I felt myself grow wetter against my husband’s fingers as they glided in and out of me. My hands stoked his back and I writhed against him hungrily. His free hand gently slapped my breast and then pinched my nipple, and I cried out against his mouth.
Abruptly he pulled away and moved his body up towards my head. Gently he coaxed me my knees and sunk his hands into my hair, pulling my mouth on to his cock. I took him into my throat, all the way down, and felt his body twinge in pleasure. Slowly I drew my lips back off his shaft, my tongue trailing along the way. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock, delighting in his sigh of ecstasy.
As I worked his cock with my mouth, I felt a gentle hand slide against my pussy. It was soft, and I felt fingernails play gently against my skin. Gentle lips kissed my ass. I groaned against my husband’s cock as I felt the carefully manicured fingers enter my pussy. The smooth warm lips continued to move over my ass, and I was nearly overwhelmed by all of the intense sensations.
My mouth was pulled from my husband’s dick, and he drew me up so I was kneeling with him on the mattress. I felt my mystery lover pull back as he wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to his chest. He kissed me deeply and I felt his cock slide between legs, probing the entrance of my pussy with the head of his cock.
Another set of arms slid around me from behind, strong and thick, and I felt a beard tickle against my skin as a mouth kissed the back of my neck. I panted eagerly as I felt a thick cock press in between my ass cheeks. I continued to kiss my husband, as big warm hands groped my breasts and played with my nipples. The strange cock moved in between my ass cheeks, probing gently against my asshole. I knew I must be dripping wet against the head of my husband’s cock.
I felt the head of his cock pulled gently from my pussy and I whimpered disappointment. Looking down between us, I saw a small manicured hand wrapped around my husband’s dick. Looking up, I took in the voluptuous blonde behind him working his cock and knew those hands had been the ones stroking my pussy only moments before. Such talented hands.
My husband’s arms eased up as I felt myself pulled backwards until I was positioned on all fours. Without warning, the thick cock that had been working over my ass entered my dripping pussy, hard and fast. I screamed loudly in pleasure and looked to my husband. His lids were half closed in pleasure, but I could see he was watching me and enjoying what he saw.
I leaned forward and stretched myself until I could take the head of my husband’s cock into my mouth. As the bearded man pounded my pussy from behind, I squeeled in pleasure around my husband’s cock. I felt the other woman cease stroking, and shift on the mattress. After a moment, her head was beneath mine, and I soon realized she was working his balls and ass, back and forth, with her tongue and her lips. Crazy with his arousal, my husband fucked my face with abandon.
After a few minutes, I felt my husband pull out of my mouth with a growl. Pulling away from the blonde as well, he moved behind me, and I felt the bearded man pull out of my pussy. I watched as the bearded man moved to claim the sprawled out blonde in front of me. As he entered her pussy and placed her feet on his shoulders, I felt my husband spread the dripping juices from my pussy all over my ass. I knew he must be using them on his cock as well.
Parting my ass checks, I felt my husband’s cock press against my asshole. Usually he entered me anally slow and with tenderness, but he was on fire. Before I knew it, his entire cock was inside my ass. Thrusting hard, he drove a scream from me against the familiar mingling of pleasure and pain. His hand reached around and played with my clit, and before I knew it, I was overcome by the most powerful orgasm of my life. The blonde cried out as well, and our ecstatic noises filled the room and the ears of the other onlookers surrounding the bed. There was quite a crowd now, and their obvious arousal while watching us pushed me over the edge into another orgasm.
Even though he held out as long as he could, I knew my husband couldn’t last long when he was deep inside my tight ass. He was thrusting inside my ass harder than he ever had, and my throat was getting raw from screaming. Finally, I felt his muscles tense, and then his cock spasmed inside me, filling my ass with loads of hot cum.
When he finished, he stayed inside me, kissing my back as we watched the blonde and the bearded man continue to fuck beside us. When my husband finally pulled out, I felt his cum leaking out of my ass and on to the unfamiliar mattress and I grinned. He pulled me to him, kissing my shoulders and neck as we watched the other couple finish up, the bearded man pulling out to spew thick streams of cum all over the blonde’s tits. My husband and I grinned and wriggled appreciatively on the bed.
The people surrounding the bed made flattering comments and some wandered off, and others looked eager to climb on the mattress. I turned to my husband and kissed him sweetly. I was eager to see what the rest of the night held in store…..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Years of serving as a well behaved submissive make it hard for me to act out in the bedroom, even though Dragon has expressed that he'd enjoy it a bit. That's why it was totally out of character that while giving him a naked back rub, I couldn't resist biting his perfect ass.

He yelped and told me to cut the shit. I continued rubbing.....and then bit it again. He gave me a dirty look and a stern warning. I giggled. I don't know what had come over me.

As I went back to rubbing and caressing his back, I cooed at him, calling him by a by an endearment he hates (if I share he may actually murder me). I continued to do it, laughing and purring softly. He was not amused and warned me not to continue. So I did. And then bit his ass again. Yup, I sure did.

I stopped rubbing his back and laid on the bed with a self-satisfied smirk. Before I knew it he was on me with his hands on my throat. I whimpered the best I could, and then he was pulling at me to turn on my stomach.

And then I really did it- I fought back. I kicked my legs and trashed against the hands working so hard to pull me over. I giggled in delight as I kicked. I was totally overcome.

Finally I was on my stomach, and Dragon was slapping my ass through my pajama pants. Hard. Quickly my pants were yanked off, and while one
arm pinned me in place, Dragon's free hand went to work on my ass. He was relentless. Soon my ass was on fire and my giggles had ceased. When he felt I had gotten the message, he stopped.

"I'm going to get a drink. When I come back I hope to find that your attitude had changed". He left the room. I shivered.

When he came back he grabbed me by the hair and jerked my head around painfully to test my compliance. I simply moaned, eyes closed, happily compliant. He brought my face to his cock and face fucked me forcefully, shoving himself down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and slapped my face with his cock before plunging it back into my mouth.

Growling, he put me flat on my stomach and entered me. I came almost immediately, my inner submissive slut completely aroused and ravenous.

"Up" Dragon commanded with a light tap. I immediately moved to all fours. "My favorite" he said with a chuckle, slamming inside me. He alternated between long playful strokes, and ramming my pussy hard and deep. I lost count of how many times I came.

Finally he pulled put of me and came on my ass. We collapsed on the bed, and I caressed my still stinging ass.

"You're so mean" I teased

"And you love it" he responded. I just smiled.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I don't have a lot of experience indulging a foot fetishist, so I've been trying hard to find creative ways to please Dragon with my feet ever since he "came out". I keep my toes polished, my feet well cared for, and I'm always on the lookout for revealing shoes. I revel in total gratification whenever he sucks on my toes or bites the arch of my foot.

Recently a couple I follow on Twitter realized a video of the wife giving her husband a footjob to orgasm. Dragon pointed it out, and I asked him if he'd like it if I tried that on him. After some serious prodding, he admitted he'd be interested in having me try it.

I had never given a footjob before, so I was seriously nervous. Luckily, I'm pretty good at winging it.

Once we began fooling around, I laid my naked Dragon down on his back and applied a generous amount of lube to his cock. I stroked his cock with my hands to begin with, making sure he was incredibly aroused and rock hard.

I leaned back on the bed between Dragon's legs, placing my weight back on my arms. Tentative I reached out with my feet and took his excited dick between them.

At first my balance was awkward and I had to try a few different methods to get a good even and solid pressure on his cock. I went back and forth between feet a bit, using my long toes to help manipulate a long hard caress against his long hard erection.

Finally, I took his cock between the soles of my feet, gripping it hard, the lube facilitating their movement up and down his shaft.

He let out little groans, sighs and hisses. His body was rigid with pleasure. I didn't have to ask if he was enjoying my efforts.

When he finally came, I think I might have gotten off on it harder than him. To accomplish something new is always a fantastic accomplishment. I know Dragon thought so too.